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The planet is dying, will you fight to save it?

The world is falling apart. Forests are shrinking, rivers are drying up, and communities are fraying. Will you stand idly by, or will you pick up your blade and fight to save it? You will have to convince your fellow knights to join you by beating them in a duel before you can take on the shadowy order that is destroying the planet.

You couldn’t handle it if I went all out.
- Sun

Try me.
- Moon

About the Game:

Celestial Blade: Eclipse is a sword fighting rhythm game where you must win duels and allies in order to save your planet. This game was made in a week for the Women in Games Jam.

It features:

  • Beatmapped songs
  • Reactive dialogue; by failing rhythm sections players will unlock new interactions between the characters. 

We would love to expand on this game at some point. If we did expand it we would add more NPCs, new rhythm mechanics, and a connection system(romanceable NPCs) that would impact combat.


Listen to the soundtrack here!


Robin: Lead Programmer, Game Designer Twitter

Rachel: Narrative Designer, Writer Twitter 

Starling: Composer, SFX Twitter  

Emilia: VFX Artist, UI Designer

Mikael: Art director, Character Designer, Character Artist, Environment Artist Twitter

Linny: Character Artist, Environment Artist.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsRachel Heleva, Robin, tenkain, starling, plainfolly


CelestialBlade-eclipse_Team11_windows.zip 50 MB


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A very cute little short game. Honestly the first 2 stages didn't fell very connected with the song while playing in some parts. Final music felt great though generally none of them were that challenging. Maybe the hp loss was very forgiving?
Well done for a game jam, with sound design and visuals. Maybe in terms of core gameplay and elements can think about what twist you guys can add or mechanics that you can enhance and focus on related to the combat between sun and moon.

I appreciate your response. As it was for a short game jam a small experience was exactly what we were aiming for.

We wanted to experiment with rhythm gameplay since it was something none of us have tried before. We're proud of what we created and feel like we have learned a lot. We are certainly considering adding more mechanics when time allows.

this is so cool! i really like the music - it's different than most of the rhythm games i've played, a lot more gentle, which works with both the aesthetic and the combat? it doesn't feel like i'm doing heavy hits, it feels like i'm doing intricate swordwork. awesome concept too!

Thank you so much! We're excited to keep playing around with the rhythm mechanics and try new things. Hopefully, we can still maintain the feeling that you are doing swordwork instead of hits. <3