Red String is a game about working together to overcome challenges. In this puzzle-platformer, the two controllable characters are bound to each other. We believe that our game is best experienced when two people play together, but it is a good challenge for single players who want to test their coordination as well.

Inspired by the Chinese myth "The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl"  our game follows the escape of two characters from a celestial palace and through the skies. We plan to add more areas and narrative elements as time allows.

Key Bindings:

   Player 1 - Arrow keys for movements, N for interact, M to jump.

   Player 2 - S to go left, F to go right, Q to jump, Tab to interact.

RedString 是一款


    Athena Sullins - Music/SFX

   Matt Simons - Art, Level Design

   Rachel Heleva - Narrative Design, Art, Level Design, Programming

   Yi Xie - Lead programmer, Level Design


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